Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Rock Star Style Rocker Jewelry items have arrived

We recently met with our jewelry fabricator to come up with some new Rocker Jewelry designs. We spend a great afternoon in her studio collaborating on ideas to come up with lots of new unisex pendant designs.

The first six new designs arrived this week and we will be receiving several more new pieces in the very near future.

We love all the new pieces but my personal stand out favorites are the huge Red Crystal design with the long metal spikes, the Skull and Crossbones Medallion on Yellow Snakeskin print Leather , the Venus Medallion and the Iron Cross Medallion on Black Leather. I love the larger bold pieces such as these. For those not into such large pieces we do have several pendants that are not as big including the new Sacred Heart Cross and Kitty pendants.

Watch the Rocker Jewelry category on or the Rocker Jewelry web site to see new styles as they arrive. We are expecting in some more amazing Spiked Pendants in our next batch of new designs.

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