Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Edgy New Dresses from Los Angeles Fashion Design Houses

Over the past year or so when visiting big name Department Stores we have noticed a decline in the quality of the women's apparel from the big name brand companies. This may be caused by these big name brands trying to cut corners to try to deal with the declining economy while their production costs have risen. Something had to give somewhere and it seems to be the quality of the designs, fabric and styles that has suffered when it comes to these big name brands.

We recently decided to start carrying more women's fashions. To that end we decided to use our contacts in the Los Angeles Fashion District to find high quality items from smaller local design houses. Design Houses that target high end boutiques do not have the same overhead as the big manufacturers who try to target everyone and manufacture in mass - so this results in their being able to in many cases have better designs, use higher quality fabrics and come up with garments that are much nicer than most of what you see in big chain stores while keeping great price points. We are lucky in that and Perpetual Vogue are owned by a gal whose spouse actually runs a fabric manufacturing plant in Los Angeles and he can tell us which design houses use quality fabrics so we know where to go for great quality items.

We recently received in several shipments from these small Los Angeles Fashion Houses and are thrilled with the edgy designs and superior quality. The new dresses and tunics have been selling very well in our retail store where our customers demand unique designs and high quality. They are loving the very reasonable prices for these new items. Today we several of these new dresses and tunics to and so these great new fashions are now available to our online customers all over the world.

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