Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Peace Sign Retro Cool Fashion Designs

They say that fashions cycle and always come back. A trend that we have noticed lately is the Peace Sign showing up in fashion again. The Peace Sign is no longer something you just see on old tie dyed tee shirts. Fashion seems to be giving a retro nod to the colorful styles of the 60's flower children. We like what we are seeing. The Peace Sign is artistic and symbolic - this time around fashion houses are utilizing it in new ways by adding a little bling, adding it to higher end mens fashions, combining it with hearts or flowers and making it a part of more intricate tattoo art designs.

Men can even wear a Peace Sign to the office by wearing the limited edition John Lennon button front shirts from English Laundry. Ladies have lots of choices with tank tops, short dresses, long dresses, wallets and handbags to choose from among the current hot items. Many of these items exhibit staying power and are destined to become favorite pieces in your wardrobe.

The Peace Sign fashions seen here can all be found at TattooApparel.com and at the Perpetual Vogue Store in La Habra California.

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