Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Amazing Adam Lambert in Rocker Jewelry

Have you seen the photos from the recent photo shoot Celebrity Photographer, Robert Sebree did with Adam Lambert? They are truly stunning! We of course love the ones where Adam is wearing the Drop Keys Pendant that we just received back into stock from our Rocker Jewelry Line.

The latest issue of Rolling Stone Magazine has a great shot of Adam wearing the Scarab Pendant from our Rocker Jewelry Line that Adam has been wearing on stage quite a bit during the Idols Live Tour. We also received a great photo of Adam wearing the Scarab Pendant checking his look in the mirror right before he hits the stage. Adam really rocks this jewelry.

The Drop Keys Pendant, Scarab Pendant and the Spiked Pendant that Adam has worn alot are now back in stock at and . If you are in the Southern California area you can also purchase or just come by to see the pendants at the Perpetual Vogue Boutique in La Habra. Many more amazing Rocker Jewelry pieces have recently been added to the collection so be sure to check them out.

If you are a big Adam Lambert fan be sure to check out the Mr. L blog. We find it to be a great place to keep up on all things regarding Adam. The site is updated often and has great articles, reviews, photos and videos on it.

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