Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pin Ups and Rockers Photo Shoot for

When you are in the retail fashion industry photo shoots are something that have to be done for online sales listings and overall marketing. Those who are not in the industry tend to think that fashion shoots are glamorous and easy. Anyone who is actually in the industry will tell you that photo shoots are a lot of work and many retailers dread them.

We find that the way to make fashion shoots enjoyable is to work with people you enjoy being around and like anything else you need a plan. We did a shoot last Sunday for the Perpetual Vogue Store, and and it was nothing short of fabulous. We are calling it our "Rockers Meet Pin Ups" Shoot as some of the models we used were Pin Up Models and some of our male models were the guys from the up and coming Los Angeles Rock Band, Black Star Hollow. is in the process of a site redesign so we planned lots of lifestyle type shots for future use on the new site design. To bring our plans to fruition we worked with our favorite photographers, the team from Painted Pinups and also contacted the local classic car club, American StreetRodders and a local chopper designer to bring us some cool cars and hot bikes for the shoot.

We did our standard product shots in our warehouse but added in some other fun scenario shots for specific products such as a shot with two of our lovely models, Briana and Kristabel acting out the scene from the back of our Exclusive Lucky 13/Perpetual Vogue Tattoo Girls T Shirt and some shots with the girls dressed just like the stag party entertainers on our Lucky 13 Stag Party shirt - I think our male model, West really enjoyed the stag party shots!

We like using guys in Rock Bands as models because they really fit our customer demographic and tend to be naturals at posing as they are accustomed to performing. We had a great time with Brian, Jack and Jackie of Black Star Hollow. We recommend that everyone check them out on MySpace. Their music is great and we are very excited about their soon to be released EP.

For this project we did lots of location shots that came out great. We shot lots of photos inside of the the garage at White Automotive in La Habra. White Automotive is located right next to the Perpetual Vogue Store on Whittier Boulevard in La Habra and the garage has a great retro look...and by the way if you are in the area and need auto service they do great work. We have our cars serviced there and have always been very pleased with the work. We also took some photos at Perpetual Vogue's other neighbor, Magnolia Country Store to get some great urban looking shots of the models in front of retro looking Airstream Trailers. Magnolia is a treasure trove of interesting things for anyone into retro collectibles.

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Jody of Beachcombers said...

WOW! Great pictures! I love the lifestyle shots and I think they show off both the clothing and the "lifestyle" beautifully.

You are right, as a retailer, I dread photo shoots, lol!

Well done!