Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Adam Lambert American Idol Finalists again wears Rocker Jewelry

On last nights American Idol show finalist Adam Lambert again wore the Rocker Jewelry pendant from that his fans had sent him the week before. Adam must really like this piece to wear it two weeks in a row. It is one of our favorite pendants and it really fits Adam's style to a T. It looked amazing on him as he belted out his rendition of one of our favorite Led Zeppelin songs. It takes a lot of confidence to do a Led Zeppelin song and he did a fantastic job! Slash seemed mighty impressed with Adam too!

If you would like to own the same amazing Rock Star style Pendant that Adam wore last night you can! - is currently sold out but they say they will have them back in next week as they are currently having them made . The item will be available on their web site next week. It is item number is A514 on their web site and it will show up under that item number when their new pieces come in next week.

Adam's fan club called the Adam Lambert Connection have ordered another pendant from (a division of ) for Adam. We hear that the new pendant design is on its way to them now along with a DOCTRINE Shirt that the folks at thought Adam might like. Adam has a unique connection with his fan club. The good folks at the AdamLambertConnection totally "get" Adam's style and choose great items to send him knowing that they are something he will like. Shows like American Idol have "stylists" on their staff that put together wardrobes for the celebrities and contestants. The stylists do a great job but we think it is wonderful that Adam chooses to include personal pieces of his own and items sent to him by his fans as part of his stagewear wardrobe too - Personal Style is important!

Rock on Adam - we expect great things of you.

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Anonymous said...

We as fans love seeing your pendant on Adam. I hope you are stocking up on lots of those rocker pendants...Adam has millions of fans