Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rocker Pendant on Adam Lambert in Rolling Stone Magazine

I opened the latest (May 28, 2009) Rolling Stone Magazine this morning after arriving at the store and was tickled to see a full page article on page 38 about American Idol finalist Adam Lambert. It is a great article by Rolling Stones writer / contributing editor Rob Sheffield about how (and I quote Mr. Sheffield here) "By flaunting his flamboyant glam-rock sex-god persona, Adam Lambert single-handedly saved American Idol". Of course I have to admit that I enjoyed most was the fact that in the photo in Rolling Stone Magazine Adam is wearing one of our Rocker Jewelry pendants by Gasoline Glamour. You will have to pick up the magazine read the full article.

Here is a shot of Adam in the same pendant: You can check this pendant out in person at the Perpetual Vogue Boutique in Southern California.

I could not agree more with what the article has to say. I have to admit that until recently I had never watched a single episode of American Idol. I thought it was all about Pop - Bubble Gum music which holds no interest to me. Being a long time Classic Rock and Hard Rock fan I had never checked out the show. Then a few weeks ago I noticed lots of postings on Twitter about the type of songs that Adam had been singing on the show. That coupled with having his fan club start buying our Rocker Jewelry for him from our web sites got me interested enough to check him out. Wow...the guy has got a set of pipes on him. He can scream - and I mean that in a (Robert Plant - Steven Tyler) good way. He also has a great sense of style. We love his taste in jewelry and clothing. He goes with the edgier pieces in whatever clothing line he chooses to wear - for example while other Idol contestants wore some of the more sedate pieces in the Hause of Howe Collection, Adam went with the edgier Rocker style Howe pieces. Several of his clothing items have been one of a kind, made to order pieces from Junker. Junker is well known for making stage wardrobes for Steven Tyler and other Rock Gods.

Adam's amazing voice coupled with his charisma and in your face rock sexiness is going to take him far. I just hope that he and his management team have the good sense to make him the front man for a real rock band once Idol is over as that is where he belongs.

By the way the TV Guide Network is going to be doing a show on Idol Fashions later this month. We will be sending them some of our Rocker Jewelry pendants for the show.

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