Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Deal of the Day Great Fashions Bargains

We don't want to bore by creating a blog post every time we see a good deal so we were pleased to see that both and have created RSS feeds for their deal of the days.

If you would like to subscribe to their feeds go to Tattoo Apparel Deal of the Day or Perpetual Vogue Deal of the Day and click on the RSS button to add their feeds to your RSS feeder.

There are two great deals available right now on both sites. A Hause of Howe Shirt Jacket called Howe Fast with a retail tag price of $145.00 is currently offered as Deal of the Day for $39.95. For the ladies there is a very Spring/Summer style Lucky 13 Tiki Party Dress called Pretty in Pink being offered for $41.95 - normal retail of around $100.00.

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