Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Perpetual Vogue announces Deal of the Day

PerpetualVogue.com and TattooApparel.com have both added a Deal of the Day category to their web sites. The Special Deals just went live this afternoon. The deals will change periodically - sometimes truly only lasting a day and sometimes lasting for several. Customers can sign up to receive email newsletter alerts when a new item becomes the deal of the day or they can just check the home page of the web sites for the link to the current deal.

Sometimes there will be two different items offered as the current deal as is the case with the first Deal of the Day offerings where you can find a Ladies Switchblade Stiletto Leopard Dress and a Mans Inkslingers Tattoo Sleeve Shirt offered at special prices. The Leopard Dress has a regular retail price of $86.95 and is normally sold on these sites for $61.95. Under the Deal of the Day promotion the dress is being offered for $31.95. The Inkslingers Tattoo Sleeve Shirt originally retailed for over $100.00 and the sites have sold them in the past for $69.00 - $89.00. Under the Deal of the Day promotion the shirts are being offered for $41.95.

Both TattooApparel.com and PerpetualVogue.com offer FREE Shipping on orders over $200.00 and have a current promotion going that includes a FREE Gift for all merchandise orders over $100.00.

Perpetual Vogue does not advertise it but if you go into their Southern California Retail Boutique you can request the Deal of the Day price for an item that is currently offered in that category on their web site.

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