Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol Sensation Adam Lambert in Rocker Jewelry

American Idol sensation Adam Lambert is one of the contestants favored by many to become this seasons winner on the popular television show. Adam has a real flair for fashion and a huge fan base.

On this past weeks show which featured Quentin Tarentino, Adam wore one of the Rocker Jewelry pendants from RockerJewelry.com . Adam has a large fan club called the Adam Lambert Connection. According to postings on the American Idol web site the fan club sends Adam an item every week or so to add to his Rocker Style Wardrobe. Being a fan of Rocker Jewelry from way back we can say that we think that Adam and his fans have great taste!


Glambert/Itzy said...

Thanks for the shoutout to The Adam Lambert Connection! All of their Adam Bombs are proud to see Adam wear the gifts we send, and appreciate his obvious gratitude.


melissa dawn said...

the Adam Lambert Connection is awesome! I picked out that rocker pendant and the fans voted yes for TALC to send it to him. He wore it Rock week as well... which is exactly how I pictures him wearing it!