Saturday, December 6, 2008

Red Chapter Ambigram Clothing has arrived!

Until a year or so ago we carried Affliction Clothing on our web sites and in our Retail Boutique. We always appreciated the quality of the fabric that Affliction used in their shirts but eventually chose to stop carrying the line for several reasons. One reason was that we wanted an edgy quality line with original art work and after their first season some of the Affliction designs started to look( in our opinion ) like art work that can be found in books rather than hand drawn original pieces.

That is why we were very excited to meet local artist Mark Palmer and be among the first to see his new line of clothing called Red Chapter Clothing. Mark is the leading Ambigram artist in the world. He makes Ambigram designs for tattoos and creates original art work. The Red Chapter shirts are everything that we have been looking for. High quality cotton, made in the U.S.A. with specialty washes & finishes along with amazing original art work. Mark and his team delivered our first order of Red Chapter shirts to us last night and we spent today getting them up on and so that our customers would be able to see them in time for Holiday Shopping. We know that our fashion savvy customers are going to love this new line as much as we do. The shirts will also be available in the Perpetual Vogue Boutique starting this week.

Mark and the team at Red Chapter Clothing create unique clothing designs showcasing stylized Ambigrams. Ambigrams are lettering works of art that can be read both forward and upside down. A Symmetrical Ambigram says the same thing when looked at both ways. An Asymmetrical Ambigram says something different when viewed upside down. The Ambigram for the name RedChapter itself is a symmetrical Ambigram and can be read the same in both directions. The artists at Red Chapter create wearable art with amazing Victorian and Gothic style artwork as a background that showcases an asymmetrical Ambigram design. Red Chapter embraces Duality in their designs as each shirt design has an ambigram showcasing the dual sides of life. This duality in design can be seen in shirts with ambigrams for Saint/Sinner, Angel/Devil, Salvation/Damnation, Victory/Despair and Bravery/Betrayal.

If you are familiar with Dan Brown novels you probably know that Angels and Demons has been made into a movie which again features Tom Hanks returning in the role he had in the Da Vinci Code. Angels and Demons has to do with the Illuminati and Ambigrams come into play in the story.

Check out Red Chapter Clothing and be among the first to discover and own a wearable piece of art from this edgy clothing line.

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