Saturday, January 3, 2009

Doctrine Slayer Shirt Finally in stock

We have had many folks contacting us asking about the DOCTRINE Slayer shirt before it became available because we used it on our handsome model as part of a recent advertising campaign. We often get preview pieces from top brands and use them in our photo shoots ahead of time so that when the stock comes in we already have the items photographed. We loved this shirt so much we decided to use it in online ads and have been getting requests asking to purchase it ever since.

We are pleased to say it has finally arrived and is currently available in sizes Medium through XL at,, the Perpetual Vogue Retail Boutique and on .

This amazing shirt is just one of many of the latest designs from the Rock Stylists at DOCTRINE. We also love their Legends of Rock Shirt, Bombshell Shirt and other killer designs.

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