Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jimi Hendrix Stage Wear Shirts

We have been very excite about the Jimi Hendrix Black Velvet Stage Coat finally being available again.....and now we are really excited that this seasons new Hendrix Shirts are here!

The Jimi Hendrix Collection shirts are designed by Christopher Wicks of English Laundry fame and licensed with the Hendrix Estate. Jimi's sister submits pieces of Jimi's actual stage wear wardrobe to Christopher Wicks who then recreates many of the pieces or creates new designs with the same flair that he then adds unique details to like embroidered Hendrix lyrics.

This season the designs are truly stunning and include a few button front shirts that would look amazing worn under the Hendrix Velvet Coat.

We did a Holiday photo shoot here at the Perpetual Vogue Boutique two weeks ago. It was an opportunity for our shop customers to be shot by Professional Pin Up Photographers for a special Holiday Event price. One of our customers brought his girlfriend in to take part in the event. He then decided to get the Hendrix Coat and one of the new Hendrix shirts for himself to wear in some of the shots. The photographer shot him in the Coat with his lovely girlfriend at his feet looking up at him adoringly - very cool! We are looking forward to seeing the photos.

The amazing Hendrix Shirts are available now at:

and at the Perpetual Vogue Boutique in Southern California.

Some are available on Amazon for those that prefer shopping on Amazon.

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