Saturday, September 18, 2010

Self Idol Shirts designed by J. Steger now available

Self Idol by J. Steger is an artistic Pop Culture style brand. Designer Jason Steger takes a no holds barred approach to Self Idol shirt designs which have a total L.A. scene and Hollywood club scene feel to them. No apologies - just in your face, creative designs. Self Idol is all about Me, Myself and I and we are here to make a ruckus!

Self Idol designs fill the need for edgy mens shirts that have simple, clean lines combined with killer graphics. The price is great as these shirts do not have studding or other embellishments as seen on  other J. Steger lines making these shirts versatile additions to your wardrobe that you will find yourself wearing with your favorite jeans by day yet they can take you to the club at night in style.

With designs like Dirty Nasty Rock Star Bombshell, Destroy the Suckers and So Rich So Skinny these shirts are a great addition to any street wear wardrobe. If you are ready to add a bit of ruckus to your style then you need Self Idol Shirts in your wardrobe.

Self Idol Shirts are available now at , at, at and in the Perpetual Vogue Southern California Boutique.

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