Thursday, September 16, 2010

Casualties of Summer Shirts Sexy Mens Shirts to Rock you year round.

New Casualties of Summer Shirts are now available at and in the Perpetual Vogue Boutique in Southern California. Our boutique customers have been loving this line of mens t-shirts and we just added them to the web site this week so they are now available for worldwide shipping.

Casualties of Summer Shirts are premium brand t-shirts with graphic print designs of sexy magazine covers and tattoo influenced designs. We love the cut of their men's v-neck styles and it appeals even to guys that do not normally wear v-necks. Guys that love sexy girls, tattoo art and pop culture will dig this line of shirts.

The Casualties shirt designs are great for club wear, evening wear and casual day wear. They have a unique look making them perfect for the guy that likes to dress fashionably yet not wear the same thing ever other guy is wearing.