Friday, May 28, 2010

New Red Chapter Ambigram Shirt Designs now available and the Perpetual Vogue boutique were among the first to carry the line of Ambigram shirts from Red Chapter Clothing. Red Chapter Clothing's office / design studio is located very close to our boutique and warehouse so we have a great relationship with the guys at Red Chapter and often see new designs first.

The tattoo art style Ambigram designs on Red Chapter shirts is the work of Mark Palmer of WOW Tattoos fame. Mark has been creating Ambigram tattoo designs for years and counts many celebrities and rockers among his customers.

We now have several designs of Red Chapter shirts in stock including some of the latest designs. Rockers and Musicians are really digging the Music/Breathe Ambigram shirt as any Musician will tell you that music is as important to them as the air that they breathe. The new white version of the Family/Forever Ambigram shirt is edgy and cool yet at the same time it is not over the top in style so it makes a great Fathers Day Gift for any Dad. The Destiny/Choice Ambigram Shirt makes you consider whether you make conscience choices in life or do you just leave it all up to Destiny. Also in stock is the ever popular Saint/Sinner Shirt, the Angel/Devil Shirt and the Get Rich/Die Trying Shirt which is popular with Poker Players and Gamblers. It makes a great Vegas Shirt.

Several designs of women's Red Chapter shirts are also available.

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