Friday, May 7, 2010

Freshen your wardrobe with Rocker Style Belts for Men & Women

A great way to stretch your wardrobe is by investing in quality accessories that can be worn with other items in your closet to create new, fresh looks. We have seen a trend with customers demanding great accessories that they can use all year round. To that end we set out this year to create some amazing belt and buckle designs for men and women.

We have always felt that accessories were important in any Rocker Style wardrobe which is why we have such a large Rocker Jewelry category on

This February our stylist met with the artisans from several custom belt manufacturers in the United States to come up with some great custom belt designs for both men and women.

We chose to work with Whimsical Originals to co-create some great designs for women's belts and buckles. Whimsical Originals creates all of their belts and buckles in the USA.

For Men's and Unisex designs we chose to work with Tobacco Road. Tobacco Road has some of the most amazing quality leather we have seen anywhere. The artisans at Tobacco Road create all of their designs in the USA utilizing Leather that is imported from Italy. Some of our new Tobacco Road design belts have buckles with leather inlays that match the custom leather of the belt for an amazing look.

We are also now carrying several designs from Leather Island by Bill Lavin. Leather Island has created a line of Leather belts whose influences are Music, Art and Social Activism.

All of the belt designs from Whimsical Originals, Leather Island and Tobacco Road come with belt buckles that may be removed should you wish to use the belt with another buckle. Picking up several Rocker Style belts is a great way to expand your wardrobe as you can interchange the belt buckles on many of the styles to create different looks.

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