Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Anama Dresses, Shirts and Tops will Rock you from Spring to Fall

This year's Anama Spring/Summer Fashion Collection is setting the bar high when it comes to stylish women's wear and edgy menswear. We have been a fan of Anama for years now and have carried the brand in our boutique and on our online store for some time - but we truly feel that the designers at Anama have outdone themselves this season. This season's offerings are truly timeless and are pieces that can be worn year round for seasons to come.

We knew that we were going to love the new pieces before we even saw them in person. We received a beautiful "look book" from the company's designer a week before we were scheduled to meet with them to see the line in person. Upon opening the book we were so excited that we called the designer to congratulate them on the new season's pieces. The book was full of beautifully shot photographs of Anama's models wearing the dresses, tunics and shirts in destinations in the Greek Islands. Having been around the block we knew to look past the beautiful location shots and really observe the fashions themselves and how they draped on the body of the models. The new ladies pieces looked stunning - they looked beautiful yet comfortable at the same time. They were designs that could fit not just size 2 models but curvier gals too and they were pieces that could take you from day to night - edgy yet elegant, European Elegance combined with American Rock n Roll Influences creating a beautiful marriage of fashion. The new men's shirts appeared to be bucking the trend of overblinged out bright colors - instead they opted for edgy styles with embellishments that were in tonal variations that had more texture than bling - shirts that a Rock Star or a regular guy going out on a date would both wear and could keep in their wardrobe for seasons to come.

Then we went to our meeting to see the designs in person and were further blown away by the wonderful feel of the fabrics and the great detailing. A few weeks later the first pieces began to arrive in our store's warehouse - we could not wait to bring in our own models and photographers to shoot the new designs for our web site, . The photos from the shoot were so fantastic that we had to have some made into posters and framed canvases to hang in our store. We always do our own photo shoots for products as we do not like to use stock photos - we want to show the fashions we carry on our own models (and please NOTE that therefore our photographs are copyrighted to our company - other retailers may NOT copy or use our photographs and to do so is a crime). The photos in this post are photos from our recent photo shoot for and the Perpetual Vogue boutique.

The fabrics Anama uses range from Rayon blends to Cotton Modal blends. They all have a wonderful feel to them and drape the body beautifully. Another plus is that these fabrics pack beautifully making Anama fashions fabulous for vacation and travel.

We just added lots of new Anama womens fashions to and will be adding the new men's shirts over the next week or so.

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