Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Leave a Product Review for a chance to WIN a $50.00 Gift Card

We know that it can be fun and informative to see reviews about products you are considering for purchase on a web site. We also know that it takes a few minutes to leave a review and that often customers just don't find the time to do so.

We would like to have more product reviews on our site so starting in May we will be doing a Monthly Contest Drawing for a $50.00 Gift Card to as the prize. To enter you just need to visit the item page for an item you have purchased from,, or and click on the Write A Review Link to go to the page to fill out your review. Be sure that you put a valid email address on the review form as we will need an email address to contact the winner each month. Each month we will choose one winner from the customers that left reviews. If you are customer of our retail store, Perpetual Vogue in Southern California you can find items that you have purchased in our boutique on the site and leave a review.

All reviews left during the last few days of April and the Month of May will be eligible for the drawing at the end of May. The $50.00 Gift Card is good for items on .

We think it would be great to see some fun, creative tell us how wearing that special shirt made all the ladies hit on you or how wearing that hot dress made all the guys drool! There is a notes section on the review form where you can add some fun, creative verbiage.

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