Friday, March 19, 2010

New lower prices on DOCTRINE premium series shirts

We have been carrying DOCTRINE Apparel pretty much from the inception of the brand. What attracted us to DOCTRINE was that their styles truly were fashions for Rock Stars with the shirts having real leather embellishments, hand applied metal studding and thick proprietary embroidery added to the amazing art work that was printed on them. The amount of expensive detailing on the original line of premium wear from DOCTRINE was truly amazing. Many of the t shirts retailed for over $165.00 because of the amount of work and detailing. Our musician customers that wanted highly detailed shirts appreciated the line and felt that it was worth the price.

An era has come to an end as the economy has forced DOCTRINE to change their line to hit a lower price point that they feel will make the line something that more people can afford. We previewed the new line in February and will be bringing in some of the new designs in the near future when they are ready. The new designs are still cool with edgy artwork and print designs that we think will appeal to our customers. There is still some embellishment detailing but on a much smaller scale than the original DOCTRINE premium line.

While we are saddened to see the change in the line we think the line will still hold great appeal to our customers and look forward to bringing in the new, lower priced designs.

Having been a big believer in the brand we originally ordered very large quantities of the premium series shirts and have been holding some back so we are one of the few places where they are still available. We have just drastically lowered the prices on our mens DOCTRINE premium shirts to allow our customers the opportunity to own one of the original DOCTRINE shirts including those with lots of leather and embroidery while they last. This is your chance to own a true ROCK STAR quality shirt at a very low price. These highly embellished premium line shirts will not be made again so this is your chance to own something truly unique. One example is the Rock n Roll Royalty shirt with leather guitars on it which was originally prices at $174.95 - we are offering this design, while our supplies last for $94.95.

Why are we doing this? Yes, we could play games and hold back these shirts in order to raise the price up high later when no one has them available. Instead we have decided to have some fun making these unique designs available to more customers who may have originally not been able to justify buying themselves a $175.00 t shirt. The idea of course is to have customers remember that is the best place online to shop for cutting edge fashions.

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