Thursday, January 21, 2010

Red Chapter Clothing including rare, retired designs available now and our retail store Perpetual Vogue were among the very first retailers to embrace the Red Chapter line of Ambigram Shirts. As one of the first retailers we had a vision for and belief in the line that made us make sure we had ample stock of the many designs rather than being tentative like other retailers often are with newer lines. Our belief has paid off in that we are now one of very few places where some of the more rare, retired Red Chapter shirts can be found. Red Chapter was such a hit that they sold out of stock on their own site long before the Holidays.

We spoke recently with the designers at Red Chapter. They are busy creating new ambigram designs for shirts that will be available a few months from now. They may recreate some of the previous shirt designs and they may not. They seem to like the idea of some of their artwork designs being limited to a small number of pieces owned and worn by a priveledged few. We have several Red Chapter designs available now for both men and women. Some when sold out will never be available again so now is the time to pick up one of these Illuminati tattoo art design ambigram shirts.

Currently available are Angel/Devil, Saint/Sinner, Angels/Demons, Faith/Hope, Get Rich/Die Trying, Death/Glory, Love/Hate, Loyalty/Respect, Bravery/Betrayal and Salvation/Damnation.

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