Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Michael Jackson This Is It

The Michael Jackson This Is It DVD was released today. It appears to be selling like crazy on Amazon and other sites that carry DVD's. It was a worldwide phenomena in theaters and Michael Jackson fans worldwide are ordering it to have as a permanent memory of Michael.

To go along with the DVD the ultimate Michael collectible is the Mission Clothing Red Lion shirt design that Michael wears in much of the movie. TattooApparel.com has carried the authentic shirt design from Mission Clothing for some time and it has been in high demand with Michael fans all over the world. TattooApparel.com does have the shirt available now in sizes Small through XXL. Perpetual Vogue/TattooApparel is the preferred retailer for Mission Clothing and they act as the retail location for the brand. It can be ordered from their site or if you prefer shopping on Amazon then you can order the shirt from the Tattoo Apparel Amazon store. To be sure that you receive the authentic shirt from Mission Clothing like the one that Michael wore we do suggest purchasing from the Tattoo Apparel web site or their Amazon store. We have heard reports of knock off shirts being available elsewhere and know that a true MJ fan is going to want the real thing (not a fake) to add to their collection.

Michael can be seen wearing the shirt in the YouTube video clip below:

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