Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shirt worn by Michael Jackson in This is It

The King of Pop continues to break more records since his unfortunate death. The CD, This Is It, seen in the above photo from Amazon is a top seller on Amazon and other sites. The movie, This Is It is bringing in big crowds during its limited release.

We were surprised a week or so back when we started receiving phone calls from customers asking us for the Red Lion Shirt that Michael Jackson wears on stage in This Is It. There are also several photographs of Michael wearing this shirt in the booklet that comes with the music CD. A local customer who had seen the shirt in our retail boutique in the past came in looking for it but we were currently sold out of them. We viewed the photos to see which shirt all the excitement was about and found that it is indeed a shirt from one of our favorite designer brands, Mission Clothing. It is the Mission Red Lion Shirt.

We went to visit our friends at Mission Clothing in their design studio on Monday and shot some video of the Mission Red Lion shirt that they have framed in the studio. We will have this shirt back in stock in the very near future and are offering it on now on a presale basis as the shirt will be in limited supply. This is a chance for Michael Jackson fans to own a piece of clothing that is the same shirt design (designed, owned and trademarked by Mission Clothing) that Michael owned and wore on stage. It also makes a fabulous gift for any fan of the King of Pop - much better than just owning a t-shirt with Michael's photo on it , this is the actual shirt like what Michael wore.

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