Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Perpetual Vogue - Tattoo Apparel becomes preferred dealer for Mission Clothing has carried several designs of men's shirts each season from Mission Clothing for the last several years. We are pleased to announce that we have agreed to start making their entire line available to both our online customers and our Perpetual Vogue retail store customers.

This week we added several of their new styles to the Mission Clothing category on . We will be doing a photo shoot with our models sometime in the near future to photograph the rest of the line and will then add all of the items onto the web site so our customers all over the world can have access to his edgy California based clothing line.

Mission Clothing speaks to the guy that wants unique edgy wardrobe pieces that are not the same as what everyone else is wearing. The styles have tattoo art influences but are also heavily influenced by Mythology and Mystical idealogy. The designs often combine modern and mythological designs together for a very unique look that tells a story. Each garment is hand processed and many have detailing that includes specialty washes, embroidery, metal studding, rhinestones or touches of foiling to catch the light.

They fill a real niche in mens fashions as they look nothing like the overdone styles from Ed Hardy or Affliction yet Mission Clothing designs will appeal to a guy that has liked either of those very different types of brands in the past but is now looking for something new and fresh. Mission Clothing is made in the USA which is something to be proud of in the fashion world these days.

While Mission is a Mens Clothing line we have many female customers that like to wear their long sleeve tee shirts or fitted woven shirts over leggings for that edgy menswear look.

The new hoodies that are available now have some great designs and the fabric is oh so comfortable.

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