Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New One Round OMR Shirt designs - not just for Fight Fans

No one can deny the popularity of the cage fighting phenomena. It gets more and more popular over time between MMA, UFC and other fight associations it seems that there is always a big fight about to be fought.

Clothing companies of course follow current trends and it seems like there are fighter brand shirts everywhere these days. We have made a point of only carrying the fighter style shirts from One More Round and OMR by One More Round. The reason we chose to carry this brand is that they appeal to a wide audience. They are not just for fight fans. Many UFC fighters wear the shirts and even take part sometimes in the design process but One More Round does not put fighters names or faces on the shirts. Lets face it everyone loves a winner but are you really going to keep wearing a shirt with a fighters name all over it once he starts losing? Probably not. The name itself, One More Round has many meanings. Certainly it can mean one more round in the fight ring but it can also mean one more round of Poker, one more round of drinks or another round of ammunition. Many of their shirts do have a fight theme to them but others have other classic designs such as knights, tattoo art dragons or western gunslinger themes. This makes One More Round shirts the fighter style shirts that appeal to everyone.

We just received several new shirts from the Fall line of OMR by One More Round and have more new designs on the way. These shirts have great styling with lots of unique detailing at an affordable price which makes them great for the upcoming Holiday gift giving season or as a new shirt for your own wardrobe.

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