Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ELEON Nude Art Shirts now available at

ELEON is the line of Mens T Shirts featuring the photographic images of acclaimed Fashion Photographer E Leon Myers. Stylized female nudes photographic artwork are the images used in the ELEON line. The shirts are 100 Percent Cotton with a leather ELEON logo. High quality printing make the images come to life.

The shirts may be considered racy by some but at the same time the imagery involved is quite fascinating. They have been well received by both male and female customers in our retail boutique. Several female customers told us that they found the designs empowering as the lovely nude models depicted seemed to be strong and self assured - enjoying the moment and knowing that they were in full control - enjoying the reactions their images inspired.

We brought in a performer from one of the Cirque De Soleil Shows to pose with our male model for some of the shots. We really enjoy the shots of her tying up the male model who is wearing the ELEON All Tied Up Shirt. Life imitating art in reverse!

We hear that ELEON shirts are in the Celebrity Stylist closet for the HBO show, Entourage as part of Johnnie Drama's (Kevin Dillon) wardrobe for next season. We certainly cannot guarantee that they will be worn on the show but the HBO stylist did ask to add them to the wardrobe for the show.

ELEON Shirts are available now at the Perpetual Vogue Retail Boutique in La Habra California as well as online at , and

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I love gio said...

Great t-shirts very unusual. Good to see something original, a break from the norm.
Well done!