Friday, March 20, 2009

Not your grandmas Cardigan! Sexy Cardigans for modern women

when you think of Cardigans a vision of sweet old ladies in slouchy sweaters comes to mind then we are here to change your vision.

We love the sexy cardigans for women from Lucky 13 Apparel. Think retro Pin Up Girl with a modern edge. Lucky 13 makes button front ladies cardigans that are functional yet wicked sexy at the same time. They can be worn over a top like any other cardigan yet we love to see them worn alone -as the top with several top buttons left undone to show off your cleavage. They look incredible worn this way over a tight pencil skirt or your favorite jeans.

Some of the Lucky 13 cardigans have designs embroidered on them, some have the designs printed and one, the Tonight Cardigan even has vintage look black feathers adorning it's neckline. The names are as fun as the cardigans themselves. The Love Em and Leave Em Cardigan has a pair of pistols on it, the Night Prowler Cardigan has a Purple Sacred Heart and Batwings design and the Trophy Girl Cardigan is one of our favorites with the Racing Cup inspired design and belted back to accentuate the waist.

These Cardigans and more designs can be found in the Lucky 13 Category on or and they can also be found on .

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