Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ambigrams, Illuminati, Angels and Demons

The much anticipated Angels and Demons movie hits theatres soon. It is based on the Dan Brown novel by the same name and centers around the mysterious Illuminati, messages hidden by Ambigrams and in ancient works of art. Dan Brown is most famous for The DaVinci Code. Tom Hanks again plays the lead in this exciting story.

The movie has brought Ambigrams to the attention of the world. We love the Red Chapter Clothing Ambigram Shirts that are available at www.TattooApparel.com, www.PerpetualVogue.com and on Amazon.com . Red Chapter Ambigram shirts feature Ambigram designs by Mark Palmer the most prolific Ambigram artist in the world.

While the most popular designs recently have been the Saint/Sinner and Salvation/Damnation designs we expect the new Angels and Demons design for ladies to become very popular now. The Angels and Demons shirt just arrived along with the new Love/Hate Shirt.

Red Chapter shirts have become popular with many Musicians and Celebrities as can be seen in these photos featuring Jamie Foxx, Mario Lopez, Levar Burton and Apocalyptica.

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