Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One More Round Clothing MMA Based Clothing with cross over appeal

One More Round Clothing is the first UFC and MMA based Clothing Line to truly cross over and appeal to the mainstream of Premium Brand Streetwear Clothing Officianados. One More Round does exactly what we were looking for in a Fighter Based Design Clothing Line - they have created a line that while appealing to Mixed Martial Arts and Ultimate Fighting Fans also has appeal to anyone into edgy streetwear.

Take the name One More Round its self - it can be applied to One More Round in the Fight Ring - yet it can also be applied as One More Round Of Drinks, One M ore Round of Poker or One More Round Of Ammunition. While some of their shirts are designed by MMA or UFC celebrities they don't have the fighters photo or name all over them - for example the Ken Flo shirt has designs by fighter Kenny Florian but it is a wicked cool Asian tattoo design that does not have his image or name on it . To our way of thinking this makes One More Round appealing to a much broader audience than Affliction because Affliction designs have become so strong in promoting individual fighters - cool to start with when that fighter is winning, but who wants to wear a shirt with a guys face on it after he starts losing!

One More Round Clothing appeals to fight fans, musicians, modern day cowboys, Rockers and Tattoo Art lovers making it our favorite brand in this genre.

One More Round Clothing is available at www.MensShirtShop.com , www.TattooApparel.com and at the Perpetual Vogue Boutique in La Habra California - 230 E. Whittier Blvd La Habra (562) 691-6929.

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