Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Miami as a new Fashion Hub for Streetwear

We were surprised to notice when attending the recent Magic Convention/Fashion Event that many of the new brands that we were attracted to were from Miami based companies.

Miami appears to be becoming a real hub for cutting edge Rocker style streetwear with a European flavor to it. Take European Rocker style and add a Miami Beach Edginess to it and you get Anama Clothing, Anti Social Clothing and Enzo.

We just got in our first shipment of Mens and Womens items from Anama Clothing and are blown away by the quality of the graphics and the fabrics used. We have mens denim in our retail store now from Anti Social and Enzo and customers are loving them. We will be adding a denim category to our online store in the near future so our online customers can access these amazing jeans.

We expect great things from Anama, Anti Social and Enzo and will be looking forward to future shipments from them.

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