Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rockin Jewelry for Rock Stars and the Common Man or Woman

Rock n Roll has had a strong influence on fashion for as long as I can remember. As fashions get edgier this influence is seen more and more. Lets face it Rock Stars are seen as being edgy and living on the cutting edge to start with. Some Rockers have custom made wardrobe items created to wear on stage and it is not uncommon to shortly afterwards see similar design details appear in popular clothing lines to appeal to the masses. Some Rockers favor wearing standard pieces from specific brands that appeal to them to create mix and match wardrobes rather than having wardrobes sewn just for them. Sales often spike for clothing lines who have their items seen being worn by Rockers on stage.

Over the past few years we have seen trends in bold accessories that have become unisex as more and more Rock Stars were seen wearing them. Highly detailed belt buckles, Rocker style pendants and other bold jewelry items in pewter and other metals with semi precious stones, leather and studding accents now have totally unisex appeal with the masses. Guys that years ago would never consider wearing a pendant are now seen sporting chains with Skulls, Tattoo Art, Crowns and Anchor designs.

Joel Hoekstra, guitarist for Nightranger is a fan of just such types of unisex Rocker Style jewelry.
The crown pendant that he is seen wearing on stage in the above photos can be found at where lots of highly detailed edgy jewelry pieces can be found.

We are fond of the Skull pendant that sits on Black Leather in a Pewter setting that can be seen on Brooke Burke (who will soon be seen on ABC's Dancing With The Stars Show) and other celebrities. recently added some new designs that we really like including ones with tattoo guns, a Cobra, crossed guitars and gorgeous Leather cuffs.

So if you have been wondering if you can carry off bold jewelry styles - worry no more. These edgy styles are for everyone and a great way to enhance a Rocker style Streetwear wardrobe.

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