Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Exclusive Shirt designs have amazing popularity - the power of co-branding

If you are a shopper you will certainly have noticed that co-branded design work has become popular between some brands, clothing lines and medium to large retailers.

Co-branding can be done in many ways. A retailer may have a creative person on their own staff who creates a design that they like and the retailer then pays a popular brand to manufacture the item for them since they do not have a manufacturing plant of their own.

My personal favorite way to utilize the power of co-branding is when a retailer chooses to utilize the design strength and flair of the chosen clothing brands design team to create a new design that stays within the flavor of what the consumer is accustomed to seeing from that brand yet incorporates the elements that the retailer wishes to see in the finished product. A great example is the Exclusive Lucky 13 Tattoo Girls T Shirt that was released today by Retailer Perpetual Vogue. The owners at Perpetual Vogue had a vision of what they wanted the design to be and then trusted in the design team at Lucky 13 to create their vision while staying true to the feel of a Lucky 13 design. The result is a shirt that any Lucky 13 customer would immediately recognize as having Lucky 13 design elements yet is also co-branded to the retailer as an exclusive item that is not available elsewhere.

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