Saturday, October 8, 2011

Celebrate Halloween without a costume

Fall in including Halloween is a fun time of year. You can dress to celebrate the season without having to wear a costume. Some people don't like wearing costumes, prefer to wear something that they can wear more than once or are attending Holiday Events at locations that do not permit costumes (some theme parks and events do not allow costumes).

We love the dresses and accessories from Folter Clothing that have a retro, tattoo, skull or monster theme as they can be worn year round yet are also perfect for Halloween Parties and Events. The Folter Necromance dress features a fun pink hears design on a black background. The Folter Wicked Witches dress features a fun witch print on a white dress while the long time favorite Folter Forever Yours dress features a tattoo skull and roses print. The Folter Monster handbag is the perfect accessory for everyday or for your local zombie walk.

Another way for gals to wear something for Halloween that they can use again in their wardrobe is use a corset as part of their Halloween outfit. Corsets make great evening and club wear year round when worn with skirts, jeans or leggings.

Guys that don't want to wear actual costumes can also wear clothing or accessories that can become part of their regular wardrobe. If your girlfriend insists that you "dress up" for a Halloween party you can pair the Dragonfly Service Station shirt with your favorite jeans and say you are a retro gas station mechanic - or wear the Fender Highway One workshirt or Dragonfly Roadie Shirt and say you are dressed as a Band Roadie. Hats are always fun at this time of year and whether you go with a Fedora or a Top Hat you can always wear a hat again. If you are attending an outdoor event we would suggest a Lucky 13 Jacket with your favorite jeans for a biker or retro look.

If you are into Rocker Style fashions the Jimi Hendrix style Stage Coat is a great wardrobe piece that can also be put to use as part of a costume.

Want to dress simply for Halloween but still feel like you are taking part in the fun of the season? Shirts from Se7en Deadly Sins for both men and women are perfect for Halloween and all year round. We really love the Synn and Sons Casket Company shirts from Se7en Deadly Sins - wear these and accessorize with a hat and a few tools and you can be a naughty mortician for Halloween. For a recent photo shoot for our Se7en Deadly items on we featured the Se7en Deadly Sins Synn and Sons Casket shirt in our own version of American Gothic where are models posed and evil undertakers.

As you can see there are many ways to enjoy Halloween without having to wear a regular costume. Now get out there and enjoy the season!