Saturday, May 28, 2011

Se7en Deadly Sins Clothing now for Men too!

Se7en Deadly Sins has been one of the most popular ladies fashion brands in our store and on our web site for the past several months. We were so happy when the designer at Se7en Deadly decided to expand the line and make some mens shirts in Seven Deadly Sins edgy designs. The Se7en Deadly Sins mens shirts are now available on along with the ladies designs.

We had a great time on our recent photo shoot for Se7en Deadly Sins Clothing. We took our models to a textile plant in order to get some fun steampunk style shots. Check out the great photos from the shoot (note: Photos are copyright Perpetual Vogue and and may not be used by other companies).

We love the men's Se7en Deadly t shirt and baseball style shirts designs which include the Museum of Fears design, Heavens Sinners design, Embalming Fluid Hearse Shirt and the Sloth and Greed Sins Shirts.

For the ladies there are lots of new Seven Deadly Sins styles including two cardigans and several sexy cami tops.

Se7en Deadly Sins Clothing has unique styles and a very affordable price tag. Se7en Deadly Sins Clothing for both men and women is available now at , and at the Perpetual Vogue Boutique in Southern California.

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