Saturday, February 19, 2011

Diabolik 85258 Jewelry Rocker Style Made In The USA

Diabolik 85258 Jewelry is designed and hand crafted in the USA by the artisans at Diabolik 85258. The designers at Diabolik Jewelry use lead free American Pewter for their designs. We love the designs from Diabolik as they have a real Rocker edginess to them. The brand is favored by members of many Rock Bands including members of Megadeth and Testament.

Some Diabolik designs are in a dog tag pendant style but the pieces are much heavier than regular dog tags with intricate designs. Some Diabolik pendants come on leather cords. The leather cords are hand tied by the designer so that the length can be adjusted as desired. Other Diabolik necklaces come on ball chains. The ball chains used on Diabolik jewelry are stronger than the thin ball chains seen on other brands. The pendants that come on ball chains come on really long chains so that you can cut the chain to your desired length which makes it easy to wear several necklaces at the same for a real Rock Star layered pendant look.

Diabolik Jewelry is now available at , and on .

 Most Diabolik pieces are priced in the $27.00 - $45.00 range making them an affordable way to accessorize like a Rock Star and to support American Business as Diabolik is designed and made in the USA.

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