Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Accessories Complete the look and add flexibilty to your wardrobe

One of the best wardrobe investments you can make is quality accessories. A killer belt , a rocker style necklace, great sunglasses or a classic hat are items that are versatile and can help you stretch y our wardrobe as they will work with so many other items in your closet. An great wardrobe accessory also makes the perfect gift as accessories are not as size sensitive and easier to buy for someone else than other items of clothing can be.

At we work with several custom belt designers so that we can offer our customers unique, edgy styles that are unlike belts found elsewhere. Most of our belts are unisex in styling with a rocker edge to them.

We love to see large, edgy jewelry worn with everything. Our Rocker Jewelry is for men and women and the pieces in the line will work with your wardrobe for years to come.

Classic style hats are back with a vengeance. We carry several styles of Fedoras and other hats from Broner Hats. These are men's hats but we sell quite a few of them to women who also like to wear them.

If you want to complete your wardrobe with a great pair of glasses then look no further than Tres Noir. Tres Noir handmade optics come in great styles for men and women. Each pair comes with their own hard case. Tres Noir is one of the wardrobe prize sponsors for the National Model Search Contest.


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