Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Self Idol Shirts Style and Humor combined for fun fashion

We are loving the direction that J. Steger is taking his Self Idol men's shirt line in. The line continues to evolve with it's  "in your face" pop culture designs that combine humor and sexiness in their print graphics.

 Several new designs of Self Idol Shirts are available now at TattooApparel.com and PerpetualVogue.com including the humorous Golf parody shirt entitled "I'd Hit That" which features a Golfer in a tiger mask staring down at a red panty clad hottie placing a golf tee. We also love the new Stalking Shirt with graphics of a sexy gal with the caption "Some Call it Stalking but I call it Love". At a recent TattooApparel.com photo shoot (photos copyright TattooApparel.com and may not be used by other retailers) the photographer and models had fun recreating the shirt artwork as part of the photographs.

Other fun designs include the new Astronaut Pants shirt which depicts a sexy gal on a rocket with a caption that asks "Are Those Astronaut Pants cause your Ass is Out of this World!".  Being a fashion designer Jason Steger also takes a dig at the old fashion statement about color  "x" The New Black with his "Crack" shirt which depicts a nude girl from the back with the caption "Crack is the New Black".

Other designs include "Dirty Sexy Filthy Money", "Destroy The Suckers", "Dirt Nasty" and more. Check out the Self Idol Category on TattooApparel.com or PerpetualVogue.com to see all of the available designs and sizes.

Self Idol shirts are made of 100 percent soft, quality Cotton and are a fabulous, affordable addition to any guys wardrobe. They make a fun gift that will actually get used/worn by the recipient. 

Self Idol Shirts are also available at the Perpetual Vogue Boutique in Southern California.

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