Saturday, July 10, 2010

DCOY Jeans and Etzo Premium Shirts

We are really digging the new Men's Jean Designs from DCOY and the new Men's Shirts from Etzo. Etzo and DCOY Brands along with Anti Social Denim hail from Miami Beach.

DCOY jeans feature great details and Rocker Styling as you would expect in a Premium Fashion Denim Line. Contrasting Stitching, Metal Studding, Unique Washes, Distressing and Appliques make them a fashion standout. What also makes them stand out is the great pricing. In an age where men tend to have to pay $150.00 or more for a nice pair of Premium Brand Jeans the jeans from DCOY are nicely priced between $69.95 and $79.95!

Etzo tee shirts are great for guys that want a tight fitting shirt to show of their muscles. They are made of a very stretchy, form fitting 100 percent cotton that is texturized and embellished for a great look. They are a shorter cut than some fashion brands as again they are meant to accentuate and show off your muscles. Etzo short sleeve button front shirts are a great day to night look that can take you from a business casual environment straight out to the club scene at night. and will be adding more jeans styles from DCOY and several new short sleeve button front shirts from Etzo over the next few weeks. All of the new styles are currently available in their Southern California retail boutique.

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