Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fashion Trends and Forecasting

We have been mentally digesting everything we saw at the recent Fashion Trade Shows and events and are pleased with the direction that premium streetwear and rocker fashion appears to be heading .

Some things we were happy to see:

For menswear Tattoo Art influences will continue to be strong but the emphasis is moving away from the overblingy look of Christian Audigier/Ed Hardy towards more emphasis on design and fabric treatments - strong designs with more emphasis on design details instead of super bright colors.

The embellishments on many mens brands have moved towards tone on tone appliques with tonal embroidery touches where again design is more about texture than bright colors. For example we have carried Anama womens clothing for years and love their styles. In the past we only carried a small subset of their mens line as we found much of their mens line to be too bright in color and over the top flamboyant. We just placed a large order with Anama for this season's mens line though as this time we feel they really got it right - their new line is all about texture and tonality with just touches of color. We are looking forward to the shirts starting to arrive soon. Some of their new women's styles arrived at our boutique this week. They are available now in the store and will be on our site as soon as we get a photo shoot scheduled.

V-necks shirts for men are strong utilizing everything from subtle tonal treatments to large fashion cover newsprint style prints. We are expecting in new mens v necks from Anama, Division E, Alternative, Indigo Star, Casualties of Summer and a new line that we are excited about called Societies Idols.

Speaking of Societies Idols they have some killer designs on ladies beater tanks. The Peace Sign continues to be used in fashion for 2010 and Societies Idols takes it to an edgy side with ladies tops that have peace signs made from bullets or lip stick cases - killer cool!

We feel that customers are looking to make fashion purchases on items that will not be tied to frivolous trends but will be statement pieces that will be timeless additions to their wardrobes. To that end we have commissioned some amazing belts and buckles to be made for us for men and women that will be edgy yet timeless in their style making them a great addition to any wardrobe. We are working with Tobacco Road and other companies that use fine quality leathers and hand made workmanship for these new items. They should begin to arrive in a few weeks. We will post photos as soon as we have them

Like the belts and buckles we think accessories will play a larger than normal role in fashion for 2010. Customers want versatile pieces that they can use to accessorize existing fashions in their current wardrobe. To that end we will continue to have edgy Rocker Jewelry items fabricated for us and we are also bringing in even more designs of handmade sunglasses for men and women from the team at Tres Noir.

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