Saturday, February 7, 2009

Anama Clothing and Anti Social Clothing Rock Our World!

We have talked before about how impressed we are with Miami based brands Anama and Anti Social Clothing. Our customers agree.

Our female customers are really Rockin Anama fashions. Most ladies that order one piece place an order shortly after for several more Anama styles. Anama uses gorgeous fabrics that look and feel amazing on all different body types. Their sizing is true meaning that the size Large actually fits larger gals making it a gorgeous and versatile brand. We have even had celebrities call us to place orders for Anama - no we are not going to name names here - we do not kiss and tell (at least not without permission and some celebs wish to maintain their privacy). At a recent photo shoot our models oohed and ahhed over each Anama piece we asked them to model in.

Last week I received an email from a guy wanting to know if Amanda was single as he was dying to meet her and take her out to dinner. It took me awhile to figure out that he loved the way one of our models looked in Anama and was confused thinking that Anama was the models name (Amanda)...Anyway ladies...You will all look great in Anama and may even get more dinner invitations when seen rockin these killer fashions.

Our male customers have been loving Anti Social. 95% of the men that try on a pair of Anti Social or Etzo jeans in our boutique buy them. The are getting quite a following online also. Last week we had a customer order a pair and after receiving his shipment he immediately placed a new order for two more pairs of the exact same jeans stating that he loved them so much that he wanted to have several pair in his wardrobe.

I have been teasing my husband about the flurry of Anti Social Jeans orders we have seen in the retail store and online over the past week. I used him as a model for one of the designs that is selling so well so I have been teasing him and saying that it is his crotch shot that is selling the jeans to customers all over the world!

If you have not done so yet check out these two edgy brands out of Miami Beach. Miami is a hotbed for fashion these days and we are loving it.

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